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Annual Appeal 2013
Here's Where Our Kids Grow Up

Dear Friends ,

I am writing to you as the mother of four boys and Chief Executive Officer of the Gladys Allen Brigham Community Center, a place that gives me a special perspective, and, I realize how lucky I am.

My family has the ability to choose to get involved and to participate in activities we love which deepen our lives and strengthen our family and community. I am humbled thinking about the many families I know that are not this fortunate. 

We have two jobs and don’t need to figure out where our next paycheck is coming from to buy warm clothing for the winter months. One of us can drive the children to school, not walk on those bitter winter mornings. We can choose whether to order pizza or go to a restaurant. We don’t need to decide which is more important- to buy food or heat our home.

But the children we see every day are dealing with unimaginable obstacles. Many live in households that have an annual income far below the poverty line and struggle to meet basic needs like food, shelter and clothing. On top of that, they deal with the challenging issues of literacy, violence and substance abuse. So the education our children get today to make the right decisions tomorrow will have a profound effect on their lives.

You can help our children make the best choices for themselves by supporting this years’ Annual Appeal campaign. The children and their families rely on us to be here every day at the Brigham Center and we rely on you.

I know you join me in being thankful for what you have. Now please consider paying it forward to support those with less. The children and youth we support today are our future employees, homeowners, parents and leaders. At the Brigham Center we honor our obligation to give them the best chance we can for success and they need your support.

I want to thank you for all that you do, and wish you and your family all the best this Holiday Season!

With warmest regards,
Kelly A. Marion

P.S. I support this Annual Appeal as a President’s Circle donor, not just because I work here, but because I truly believe every child deserves the same support and opportunity that my own children have and will have going forward. 

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