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Annual Appeal – Let’s build a better tomorrow, together!

Annual Appeal – Let’s build a better tomorrow, together!

Dear Neighbor,

With the generous support of our neighbors and friends, the Brigham Center is able to make real change in our community. By changing the life of one child, one family at a time, it adds up – and we serve over 3,000 children and families each and every year!

Here are some of the ways our programs have already made a difference:

Early Childhood Education
A year ago we enrolled Harry* into our pre‐school classroom. Harry only spoke Chinese and Mom was concerned about Harry’s development and hoped that he would be able to learn English in the classroom. Harry’s first six months were a challenge as he did not speak a word to his teachers or classmates, and preferred to play alone. We had to think outside of the box using hand gestures and other techniques to help him adjust, and become comfortable in his new settings.
Over the past year, Harry has grown tremendously! He is now fluent in English because of the guidance of his teachers and being submerged in a classroom rich in language and with an emphasis on learning. Harry is outgoing, and very talkative. Mom is thrilled that Harry has come so far, and so are we!

Girls Inc. of the Berkshires
Stacey* is 14 and participated in Action for Safety (a violent prevention program) at Reid Middle School last year. This was Stacey’s third Girls Inc. program, having participated last year at Reid and in elementary school. Over this time we have watched Stacey transform into a confident young woman. She is turning into a young leader, inspiring younger girls, like her sister, to participate in Girls Inc. programs as well!

Youth Empowerment Services
Lisa* has always been shy. When she first started participating in Youth Empowerment Services, she would barely speak to anyone. Like many teenage girls, she avoided sharing her feelings or opinions with others, for fear of being judged, especially by her peers. We’ve been working with Lisa over the past year to encourage her to be more confident and outgoing, and she has made a lot of progress!
Now, when she comes to the Center, she no longer shies away from her peers. She heads straight to the classroom to socialize with her friends. She engages with the staff. Lisa is blossoming into an articulate young woman with a bright future!

None of the stories would be possible without the generosity of people like you. Together we are building a better tomorrow. Children who are confident and are prepared for success, who will become a better future for all of us!

With your help we can make a difference. We hope that we can count on your support this year.

Warmest Regards,

Kelly A. Marion 
Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Melle
Board President

*names have been changed